Audition Notice

Brave New Word Present

We Are The Himalayas by Mark Langham


This new work from writer Mark Langham is a piece of historical Russian theatre about the triumph of the human spirit form inside the rise and fall of the Revolution, and was shortlisted for the Patrick White Play Award.

We are auditioning for all parts:

Anna Larina – Anna survived over 20 years in exile/prison in Soviet Union and survived to rehabilitate her husband, Nikolai Bukharin.  Playing age of 20-mid 30’s.
Nikolai Bukharin – Husband of Anna Larina, one of the architect of the Russian revolution.  Beloved by Lenin, he was an early victim the Stalins purges of the 1930’s. Playing age of 30-50.
Lavrenity Beria – Stalin’s major domo. Ruthless, universally disliked and a brilliant administrator.  A direct contemporary of Bukharin. Playing age of 30-50.
Ilya Ehrenburg – school friend of Bukharin. A writer, used by Stalin as an unofficial ambassador.  Mixed with the artistic elite of 1920/30’s Europe. Friend to Picasso and Modigliani. Playing age of 30-50.
Prisoner 1 – a fellow prisoner of Anna. A representative of the millions who shared her fate and worse.  A believer in the revolution. A part of the machine.
Prisoner 2 – also a fellow prisoner. A cynic. A realist. Also a part of the machine who understands that the revolution will eat itself.

Auditions will be held on the 13th and 14th of May 3:30pm to 9:30pm

To submit your interest, please send your headshot, a CV and your preferred time to with the subject HIMALAYAS EOI.

We will contact you to confirm your audition and what you will need to prepare.  The production is being staged at Limelight Downstairs from 3rd-21st July.  This is a profit share production with a guaranteed minimum fee.

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