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Script Callout for 2019!

Brave New Word is looking for original, un-produced scripts to develop and stage next year. Every work we do receives development and workshopping with the writer before production of the season by BNW, so scripts at any stage from a completed draft up are welcome. For submissions and queries, please contact info@bnwtheatre.com.au

We look forward to reading your work!

We accept submissions of new works of any form or genre throughout the year, but will provide deadlines to be considered for a particular performance slot. Your script must be finished but open to being workshopped in the process detailed below.

Prior to casting, BNW will host 8 Development sessions over 2 months, which will include the writer, director and a selection of our Resident Developers (one per character). This is a chance for the script to be extensively analyzed, workshopped and edited in a collaborative environment, with a focus on the core plot, themes, and characters. The whole team takes an active part in this process, but final creative control rests with the writer. Following this, the script is finalised and auditions are held for the rehearsal process.
The writer retains full ownership of the finished play after production.

If you’re a writer and you like the sound of what we do, send an expression of interest to info@bnwtheatre.com.au or drop us a line below, letting us know which of the above options is most fitting for you.  If you are unsure or want further details, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to have a chat with you about your work.

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