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Fringe HQ - Downstairs Theatre

3rd July - 21st July

Full $30, Concessions $25

Written by Mark Langham

Directed by Richard Cornally

Cast:  Charlotte Chimes, Ben Matthews, Steve Corner, Emilia Stubbs Grigoriou, Chelsea Hamre, James Gordon

“I know you’re scared. You damn well should be… this place is dreadful.”

Anna Larina was known and renowned as the wife of one of the architects of the Russian Revolution, Nikolai Bukharin. With his downfall and execution, she was persecuted for twenty years, separated from her family, and spent her prime years in a succession of gulags.

Witnessing both the rise of the Revolution, and purges it conducted, she lived both sides of the hypocrisy of Stalin’s rule. She was loved as the partner of the golden child of the Revolution, and then condemned as the partner of a traitor. Through her, we see the very human cost of ideology, and the unimaginable triumph of the human spiritin the face of the hellish machine determined to subdue it.

The extraordinary story of Anna Larina. Punished for being a wife.

Fringe HQ - Downstairs Theatre

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