Our Artists – Gala 2017

A big thanks to our artists

for donating their art for BNW's Gala Fundraiser

Ailie Banks

A freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer. Ailie’s pieces reflect a unique, unmistakable and unapologetic perspective of the world.

Merindah Funnell

Merindah Funnell is a proud young Wiradjuri woman who as an aboriginal artist has a combination of her love for contemporary design and her deep respect for Indigenous art. Her work relies on symbolism that relates to her heritage and her life’s journey.
With such strong heritage and her innate love of her local area she has used her artistic ability to produce a creative range of drawings and artwork that combine the themes of land, ocean and country.

Elbow (Elliot Watson)

Elliot Guerrisi-Watson (Elbow) is a Sydney based Illustrator/Artist and Designer working in both traditional and contemporary mediums

Marysia Mellon

“Painting pebbles is a passion, that is uplifting and calming. I wander along my local beaches and collect the stones as I go.  My inspirations are drawn from my Polish heritage as I have painted eggs “Pisanki,” traditionally at easter since I was a girl.  I create mandalas and find myself in the flow, a state of heightened focus and immersion.  Mandalas have so many spiritual benefits in so many cultures and painting them feels special and sacred as they are all unique and reflect something personal.  People are drawn to my pebbles as I believe just gazing upon them can be soothing, calming and help to cultivate mindfulness meditation.” – Marysia

Ella Krestensen

Ella Krestensen is a Sydney based freelance artist and designer who works with 2D and 3D media to explore the patterns of her surrounding landscape.  Focusing on patterned, colour-laden surfaces, the artist has used naturally occurring shapes and designs to create this ‘floating on air/eyre’ series of acrylic paintings and limited edition prints, inspired by several flights across the Kati Thanda – Lake Eyre basin.
Using multi-media approach, including painting, drawing, collage and digital design enables her to experiment, develop and innovate constantly in her work.
Krestensen has previously undertaken studio residencies in Paris, Vienna and Prague and during 2016 exhibited internationally with LemoArt Gallery Berlin, ArtExpo New York and in Sydney with the Space Gallery, RAWSydney and Workshop-Makery Art Space.  She is the recipient of a number of national art prizes, has recently completed a Masters of Arts at University of Woolongon, and holds a BFA in drawing and sculpture from COFA, UNSW.

Hollie Patterson

Ruth Fingret

Ruth Fingret is a playwright and director who pretends she can paint. The piece she has donated represents a sunset over the Mekong delta inspired by her travels there in 2011

Kristina Took

Kristina is an avid amateur photographer and mother of one of Brave New Word’s Committee members.  Whilst traveling to Dundrum, Northern Ireland she took the wonderful photo which she donated to our live auction.
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