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Lie With Me

Old 505 Theatre - Eliza Street, Newtown

2nd October - 14th October at 8:00PM

Premium Adults $45, Adults $40. Concessions $30

Written by Liz Hobart

Directed by Warrick Doddrell

Cast  Lyn Pierse – Julia Robertson – Nathalie Murray

A mother watches on TV as her son is arrested for the murder of three young men, their bodies discovered in his apartment. Her friends text their support but always had their doubts, while her weatherman ex-husband becomes a media sensation in the aftermath of the televised tragedy. What follows is a kaleidoscopic journey of investigation into a mother’s past and future.
With her life suddenly thrust under the microscope, Lie With Me is a mother’s desperate attempt to survive in a world that names her the Mother of a Monster. Combining dynamic physical and visual storytelling, the show creates an intimate portrait of a woman facing the greatest crisis a mother can face. Lie With Me is a visceral, honest work exploring the limits of the human heart.

Performing at The Old 505 Theatre, Newtown

Brave New Word Theatre Company Inc.