Comber Street Studios, Paddington

15th November - 25th November at 7:30PM

Adults $30, Concessions $25, Groups (of 5+) 20% discount, $60 Meal Deal

Written by Ruth Fingret

Directed by Richard Hilliar

Joshua McElroy | Hannah Raven | Eli Saad | Katherine Shearer | David Woodland

Asylum is a new contemporary work about 5 people and the very different ways they are all seeking asylum in their lives. It’s a story about a broken family, and the personal side of our immigration process.
Craig is an immigration officer who has retreated into a rigid sense of responsibility and morality from being left by his wife long ago to battle with his delinquent son. His conviction in his own righteousness is challenged when he meets Hajir, a Lebanese man applying for a protection visa to remain in Australia on the same day his ex-wife returns and Jason is arrested. Now Craig is forced to consider something previously impossible: Is he willing to lie in the name of a greater good, and who will he protect by doing so?
Asylum will be presented in an intimate found space at Comber Street Studios, Paddington from November 15th till 25th.
Brave New Word has also partnered with the Unicorn Hotel just around the corner to offer an exclusive Meal Deal ticket offer, providing a prepaid meal and drink at the Unicorn before the show!
BNW’s production of Asylum would not have been possible without the support of Spark Youth Theatre’s Artist Xchange program run through Inner West Council. For information, go to sparkyouththeatre.com

Performing at Comber Street Studios, Paddington

Brave New Word Theatre Company Inc.